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Hellflame Wyvern Monster Miniature | Infernal Fury from the Skies | 50mm Base

Hellflame Wyvern Monster Miniature | Infernal Fury from the Skies | 50mm Base

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Miniatures are printed on demand and typically ship within 7-14 business days.

Unleash the infernal fury from the skies with our Hellflame Wyvern Monster Miniature, a creature wreathed in hellfire and ready to soar into your tabletop RPG adventures. Meticulously crafted, this figurine captures the menacing essence and fiery allure of the Hellflame Wyvern. Whether you're a collector, dungeon master, or player, the Hellflame Wyvern adds a touch of infernal power to your gaming sessions. Immerse yourself in a world where this winged terror descends upon unsuspecting adventurers, bringing a storm of hellfire from above. Explore the depths of fiery chaos with this meticulously crafted tabletop figure.

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This Dragon miniature is available on a 50mm base in 32mm scale.

Have questions on sizing? Please check out our FAQ.

Printing and Process

All of our miniatures are made to order. That means they once they are ordered, we put the miniature into our print queue and print them in the order they were placed. Our miniatures are printed in a high-quality gray resin at 0.03 layer height to achieve great detail while also retaining superior durability. All miniatures will arrive unpainted and cleaned of all supports. Though we try our best to provide the cleanest models, some minor cleanup work may be required before painting or displaying. We’re human after all!

Shipping and Assembly

Almost all of our miniatures ship in 2 pieces, base and miniature. Larger miniatures will ship in multiple pieces. This means they will require some assembly on your part, but we have found this is the best way to make sure the models arrive safe and sound to your doorstep.


We strive to provide the best customer service in a timely matter. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns! We can do custom sizes on most of our miniatures, so please send us a message with what you are looking for.

Miniatures are fantastically modeled by Flesh of Gods! You can check out their shop here: Flesh of Gods MMF. You can support them here: Flesh of Gods Patreon

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