Collection: The Living Graveyard

In a quiet village, a serene cemetery turns sinister as graves morph into terrifying organic beings, instilling fear among the villagers. With the origin of this eerie transformation a mystery, the village embarks on a quest to unveil the chilling secrets lurking beneath the sacred soil. Our collection of Eerie Graveyard Miniatures invites you to explore this dark narrative, featuring Graveyard Monsters, ominous Graveyard Spiders, unsettling Graveyard Tentacles, a fearsome Graveyard Dragon, and a treacherous Graveyard Mimic. Whether you're a tabletop gamer, painter, or a fan of macabre tales, these finely crafted miniatures allow you to recreate the spine-tingling mysteries of the village's graveyard. Uncover the secrets, face the terror, and tread upon the hallowed ground at your own risk.